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Since 2002, we have led the effort to reclaim nearly 60 thousand acres of rangeland in Nebraska from Eastern Redcedar encroachment.


Our Mission

The Loess Canyons Rangeland Alliance (LCRA) is seeking to improve the management of valuable rangeland resources while increasing range productivity and controlling invasive species. Through education, the LCRA hopes to teach the benefits of rangeland management, enabling landowners to use their resources more efficiently. LCRA also strives to deepen landowners' commitment to environmentally sound practices, including prescribed burning, prescribed grazing and wildlife habitat management. These are the practices that LCRA believes will help protect the environment for future generations.

What We've Achieved

  • Safely and successfully burned approximately 60,000 acres

  • Maintained an actively participating membership of greater than 50 members

  • Extensive cooperation with our local volunteer fire department

  • Many landowners own their own equipment, making our community more prepared in the event of a wildfire

  • The vast majority of our members are also members at the state level

  • Extensive cooperation with the University of Nebraska