Here's just a small sampling of the ecological sites we have helped regenerate over the years.


Brady-Morefield Road

Multiple, successful, goal-oriented fires were conducted on this property to produce the large, open flats. Various burns were intended to leave some trees in the small pockets and draws for livestock cover in extreme weather.



Medicine Creek

Many small trees were burned. The historically more abundant leafy trees and shrubs have returned as a result of a 2004 and 2014 prescribed fire. If you study the last photo you will see 3 stages of growth. The skeletons and grassy hills in the middle of the photo were included in both burns. The small trees further behind were only burned in 2004 and the Cedar forest in the background is an unburned pasture.



S Effenbeck Road

This burn was conducted in the spring of 2016. Just a few months later the recovery is well underway.

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