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Conservation Projects
Eastern Red Cedar Control
     Removal of eastern red cedar trees restores the landscape to
     its historic grassland condition, providing more grass for cattle
     and improved habitat for wildlife species.

Prescribed Burning-Periodic
     Moderate intensity fire is a natural disturbance on the prairie
     landscape that helps control invasive species and revitalize
     the prairie plant community. The LCRA is restoring this natural
     restoration process to the Loess Canyons.

Friendly Fire Long before the arrival of European settlers, Native Americans used fire to shape landscapes and promote habitat for wildlife species they hunted. Ranchers learned how fire could be used to combat invading woody plants and stimulate the growth of grasses and forbs more favorable for grazing livestock. In some regions of the country carefully controlled fires have long been used to make prairie pastures more productive.

Read the full article Friendly Fire about Loess Canyons Rangeland Alliance printed in the Angus Journal (by Troy Smith).

Why Burn?
Video by Great Plains Fire Science

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